Roger Lersy (1920-2004) French Lithograph "Piano" Signed NEW LISTING

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Edition 2/95 (rare)

Sheet: 19 5/8" x 25 3/4"

Signed and numbered in pencil

Condition : Excellent, Very bright colors


 Archival stored.


Note : His works have been increasing in value in recent auctions 

Very dramatic work


About the artist:

Roger Lersy was a painter, lithographer and musician-composer born in Paris on April 2, 1920, who lived in Forges-les-Bains (Essonne) where he died in 2004. He belongs to the École de Paris Is situated in the movement of the Young Painting. Roger Lersy, the son of a decorator, studied the piano from his earliest childhood, after entering school and for three years at the École supérieure des arts applied Duperré. Since then he began to paint, he then practiced logically the craft of decorator, continuing however between 1950 and 1954 musical studies of very high level with Christmas Gallon, continuing after 1954 (year galleries, both in Paris and (Painting, canvas, watercolors, tapestry cardboard boxes) and music. From 1961 to 1968,  Beginning in 1970, he made his solo exhibitions, among others in Paris, London, Geneva, Houston, Los Angeles and New York. In front of two quarries, Roger Lersy has left paintings that are seen all "of rhythms and tremors ... In his paintings, the motif develops according to a melancholy line with chords, pauses and cadences well concerted. Lersy could be defined as a Baroque expressionist "6. For Bernard Dorival, Roger Lersy is with Gabriel Dauchot, Jean Commère and Raymond Guerrier among "the most noted champions of this expressionism which is part of the continuation of Bernard Buffet's miserabilism". Roger Lersy's lesser-known parts, he also studied mosaic, sculpture and stained glass, and began to create public buildings (town halls, colleges, etc.), private (corporate) and religious buildings.